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I am inspired by authenticity — the spontaneous, the intimate, the real. Be it found in nature, human nature, design, or process. That, to me is the undeniable pull. 

When attempting to put what I do into words, I came up with the term Sentimental Preservation. To me, it’s about collecting that fleeting or quiet moment; that light, that expression, that detail, even a convergence of form or concept — one that may have gone otherwise unnoticed — and extending its life, allowing time for others to join in that moment. 

Each moment in our lives is one that will never exist again in quite the same way. Even the little things are worth preserving and remembering. If this idea resonates with you, and you'd like me to help, please visit my contact page to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!

A few more of my thoughts (and a bit about my background) can be found in a short interview I did for the Snapwire blog, here.

You can also find me on instagram!